Zoning guide

The fairground zoning is based on product categories and themes. Exhibitor have the opportunity to be located in the most suitable zone to maximize business exposure! 

In 2021, a new ETHICAL zone is established to help the industry explore the themes of sustainability and ecology.



Aiming to realise a sustainable society

A zone dedicated to products that consider the environment, people, society, and the community. This includes environmental protection, up-cycling, fair trade, products that support people with disabilities, organic products, local production for local consumption, and more. The zone will be promoted in the lead up to the fair through relevant media channels and promotional activities targeting retailers and restaurants who want to carry ethical products. *Specially screened zone



-Design concepts for new living spaces- New ideas and inspirations for lifestyle design concepts will gather at this zone, with a wide range of items such as furniture, lights, textiles, interior green, and office interior.



-A new accents to living- This zone is for a broad variety of products such as design items, gifts, art & objects, fragrances, apparel, baby and children’s goods, stationery, digital gadgets and more



-New items to add flavour to the kitchen and dining table- This zone understands that the kitchen and dining areas are at the heart of most homes. As such, the latest kitchenware, dishware, cutlery and designed appliances are displayed here. Cooking tool demonstrations are encouraged as a way to engage potential business partners.



-Accessories for more comfortable living- This zone is dedicated to items that facilitate convenience and comfort in everyday life. Many flock to this area for attractive storage products, cleaning tools, bath and toiletry products, homecare products and household appliances.



SPECIAL ZONE focuses on a different theme every year to offer new ideas and inspiration to visitors. This year “+TALENTS” showcases prototypes not only from young up-and-coming designers, but also from architects witha track record of design experience. . *Specially screened zone



-A must-see trendsetting zone- This zone welcomes highly acclaimed design brands from all over the world. *Specially screened zone



-Japanese design and craftsmanship- High-quality Japanese products with refined designs are in high demand from all over the world. Carefully selected designs from gifts to items for everyday use to be showcased here. *Specially screened zone



-Material and fixtures technology for living space- A zone for innovative interior materials and fixtures technique for interior design and house remodeling such as porcelain tiles, house fixtures, parts and related materials. This zone offers new business opportunities for architects, designers and housing manufacturers for living space, office, hotels and restaurant and more. *Specially screened zone

* Specially screened zones are screened by the organiser. The use of designated basic booth fittings is required for JAPAN STYLE, CREATIVE RESOURCE and SPECIAL ZONE.

Supporting programme



Launching new brands by young entrepreneurs *Specially screened zone



TALENTS is revamped to "+TALENTS" this year to showcase prototypes not only from young up-and coming designers, but also from architects with a track record of design experience. *Specially screened zone



Presenting a diverse array of foods from in and outside Japan *Specially screened zone

* Specially screened zones are screened by the organiser. The use of package booth is required.
*As these zones aim to support young entrepreneurs, organiser will have right to refuse the participation of the exhibitor who had participated in Interior Lifestyle Tokyo or IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living before in the regular participation zone.