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20 – 22 November 2019, Tokyo


What documents are required to apply to exhibit?

Please send the following materials by mail or E-mail :

  • Company profile (only for first-time exhibitors)
  • Product catalogue / pictures
  • Name of fair(s) you have participated
  • Photograph of previous booth presentation

How is the location of booth decided?

The organiser will allocate all booth locations. To make your location the most suitable, be sure to submit the information of exhibit products and the booth presentation plan by the deadline
(Middle of July)

Is it possible to have a pre-set booth?

Yes, we provide them by the name “Rental stand”. It includes side panels, carpet and other facilities meeting the requirements of the organiser.
For detail, please check the catalogue.

Rental stand and optional furniture

What are the methods for international companies to apply?

It is possible to apply in the following ways.


  • Apply to organiser (Messe Frankfurt Japan Ltd. ) directly
  • Apply to Messe Frankfurt sales representative in your country / region
  • Apply by your agency in Japan


The situations for pavilions differ every year.
Please make a first contact to Messe Frankfurt sales representative in your country / region and ask for details.

Find sales representative of your area

Is it possible to register our brand name?

Yes. Your exhibitor name used for printed materials and other promotional items is asked to be registered through "Online exhibitor page". It is possible to register either by company name or brand name. It is also possible to put co-exhibitor names.

Is 1 booth (9m²) too small for an effective presentation?

The size of the booth is dependent of variety of variables: The size of the items to be exhibited, the number of staff in the booth and the nature of the displays. The organiser can be contacted for advice.

Is it possible to change the size of the booth after application?

Cancellation fee will be required for a reduction in size. To increase the size of the booth it depends on the available space remaining. In either case, please contact the organiser immediately.

Who is the contact for booth construction?

Our official contractor is Shoei Bijutsu Co., LTD.
For any questions regarding booth design and construction, please feel free to contact them,


Is there place to keep the boxes and other material needed for transport?

Yes. The organiser will provide stock space. But the space is limited, unlocked and will be shared with other exhibitors. The organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage. Therefore, the organiser highly recommends exhibitors that all packing material be kept inside your booth space, or consult your forwarder.

Can we rent optional furniture and equipment?

Yes, the official contractor can provide the service.

Can we sell products or displays on the spot?

No. Sales activity is strictly prohibited.

Is it possible to serve food and drink at our booth?

It depends on the items planned. Please contact the official contractor.

We want to find an agency through our participation. Is it possible?

Yes. 1 month before the fair, all exhibitors will be able to list themselves up in the “Exhibitor search” on the official website. Using this system, you can announce it in advance.

Is photography permitted?

Photography is prohibited in principle. The exhibitors can take photographs only inside their booths with an armband that the organiser issued. The only exception is the press. The organiser will issue permission armbands to the approved press. In this case, the press must first ask the exhibitor for permission to take photographs of the booth.

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