28 – 30 October 2020 Tokyo Big Sight, South Exhibition Halls from 10:00 to 18:00 (the last day closes at 17:00) CONTACT

Advertising and sponsorship

Promotional tools enable you to share your company profile
with visitors prior to, during and after the fair to increase your promotion. In order to maximise your investment at IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living, the advertising and sponsorship package should play an integral part in your pre- and post-fair marketing and communication strategy.

Banners on the official fair website【NEW】

ads image2

The official fair website has been redesigned, with lager banner sizes to help better catch visitors’ eye. Don’t miss this opportunity to promote your participation using  the banner ads to your potential clients.

- Your banner will be uploaded on the top page of the official website from one month before  the fair to the last day of the fair.
- Please contact the organiser’s office if you would like to arrange how you can feature a banner for more than one month.

  Location Size(pixel) Price (tax exclude)

from top of the page to 30%   W1,140 x H285 JPY 200,000
from top of the page to 60% W1,140 x H380 JPY 250,000

On-site advertisement board

ads image

You catch more buyers’ attention using this effective promotional tool!
Visually approach to a number of your potential cutomers and get immediate promotional effect onsite.

Price: JPY150,000(tax excluded)/single-sided

Size: W848 x H1048(mm)

*Locatiom assigned by organiser.

Advertisement on the official fair guide

You can enhance your presence even before, during and after the show!
Our official fair guide will be uploaded to our fair website and distributed to all visitors at the venue.

ads image3
Format Size(mm)
Price (tax excluded)
Back cover W262 x H392 JPY 440,000
Inside back cover W262 x H392 JPY 330,000
1 page
W262 x H392 JPY 250,000
1/2 page W245 x H175 JPY 125,000
1/4 page W245 x H85 JPY 75,000
Logo in the exhibitor list W60 x H10 JPY 30,000

Professional photography service

photobooth image

Would you like a professional photographer with extensive career experience in the interior and design industry to shoot photos for you? The organiser and the professional photography company “Nacasa & Partners Inc.” will offer you the wonderful opportunity to creatively record your booth. Letʼs make the best use of this chance!

Nacasa&Partners Inc˛

Price: JPY 50,000 (tax excluded) / 5 photos
Shooting angle : the whole booth / a part of booth / products display
Shooting date: Before opening or after closure.

Enquiry on promotional tools

IFFT/Interior Lifestyle Living organiser's office

Business Development